The Legacy Continues…

For over thirty years, Scott Pensivy has been changing the face of healthcare by doing one thing…never losing his vision of providing high quality, honest physical therapy care to any patient he came in contact with. Fifteen years ago, SPORTS (Scott Pensivy Orthopedic Rehabilitation Therapy Services) was born, where Mr. Pensivy used his knowledge and experience to lead a group of clinicians to run a facility who exemplified the motto that “The Patient’s Interest is the Only Interest.” Throughout this time, Scott perfected a continually growing system of techniques and tools to bring about greater healing and better outcomes known today as “The Pensivy Method.” The Pensivy Method has impacted many patients’ lives and his treatments have been sought out by professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, CBA, NHL, WNBA, IHL, SPGA, UFC, the ABL league, LPGA, and the PGA. His techniques have been featured in many articles, television and radio interviews, and even overseas. Until recently, The Pensivy Method was the guiding force behind the unique treatments provided solely at our clinics.

Two years ago, Scott and SPORTS teamed up with FYZICAL to create FYZICAL SPORTS, expanding his direct influence from two clinics to a powerful 200+ clinics. This brought forth the opportunity for The Pensivy Method to reach more clinicians and patients alike, thus improving the overall level of patient care in the United States, shown through improved outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.

So what you see today, the team of clinicians, the beautiful facilities, the caring staff, the multitude of beneficial patient services, the treatments that bring about excellent patient outcomes, are all in direct relation to the vision, hard work, and dedication had by one man, thirty years ago as he stepped foot into the Vegas Valley.

The legacy continues as we welcome you to the FYZICAL SPORTS.

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