Introducing Medically-Based Fitness

Imagine a fitness center that was designed with one goal and one goal only. To help YOU achieve your goals. But not only that. To provide you with the guidance, training, feedback, and continuous encouragement to make sure that you met your goals. FYZICAL FITNESS is all of that…and more.
Our dedicated staff is composed of the some of the industry’s best trainers, instructors, and last but certainly not least, BODYQ Specialists.
Wait a minute…what in the world is BODYQ? Let’s begin with taking a look at the video below…

Your progress can finally truly be tracked using evidence-based testing measures. This equates to…you got it…goals met! Years of research, testing, and patient success stories have made the BODYQ system what it is today and we are ecstatic to be the sole providers of this amazing tool.

With BODYQ, the FYZICAL Wellness Institute is taking the YOU up to this point in your life, no matter what your current state of health, age, interests may be, to create the better YOU of the future! This simple testing program will provide you and your personal team at FYZICAL Wellness Institute with a summary of your current state of health, identifying both strengths AND weaknesses. Your results on the areas of:

1. Basic Health

2. Hearing

3. Vision

4. Balance and Gait

5. Spine and Posture

6. Functional Strength and mobility

7. Performance

will be analyzed by one of our healthcare professionals and you will be provided with a detailed success plan, geared towards your specific identified needs and preferences, incorporating one or more of the services offered at our institute.

Your whole personal success story…the ability to enjoy years of quality, healthy, life…it starts with YOU. So make that choice to come see us, sit down with one of our specialists and get ready to turn GOALS into GOALS MET!


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